Ke$ha Wants to “Die Young”

Okay, gays, hold on to your cock rings…

Ke$ha has a new single called “Die Young” and it’s fucking amazeballs! This song is what we all need in our lives – a party. I know that I surely can use a fucking drunken night; I mean, it’s been like a whole day since I last blacked out and this song gets me in the mood to do some tar heroin. Click here to listen!

As per usual, the song starts out with amazing synth beats that keeps us Ke$ha fans hooked. The song was co-written by Fun.’s Nate Ruess and produced by the amazing Benny Blanco and fabulous Dr. Luke, who are responsible for amazing hit singles like “Tik Tok”. Ke$ha’s music could not have come at a better time in my life. With the sun setting earlier, my days are like looking into a black abyss. But now with this pop-anthem, I am ready for the night on the town with my friends and getting white girl wasted.

With the hypnotizing chorus to the sick rifts, the songs has got me wanting more from her upcoming album “Warrior”, which drops December 4. “I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums/Oh what a shame that you came here with someone/So while you’re here in my arms/Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young” are the lyrics to the smashing chorus. I feel as if someone has said this to me in a NYC bathhouse, but I could be wrong.

Anyways, gays, the song is a hit and you should be hearing it soon at a gay club near you, so be sure to vogue your asses off to it.

What do you think of Ke$ha’s new single? Hit or miss? Comment, cunts.


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One thought on “Ke$ha Wants to “Die Young”

  1. Fag Hag That Gags says:

    I love Kesha and your blog!!!!!

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