Want $65 Million?

Can you imagine having $65 million for you to play with? I can see racks of Louboutin’s, plethora of Gucci scarves, a white Maybach, and millions of Grey Goose stacked in kitchen in my mansion that’s on my own island. Ahhhhh, the life.

But, in order to get those millions, you would have to marry a dyke… Still up for the challenge?

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, Hong Kong billionaire, offered $65 million to marry his lesbian daughter, who apparently eloped with her wife of seven years, and create a family with her. The daugher, Gigi Chao, is a director at her father’s company, has not reported that she or her father have found any eligible bacherlor’s yet.

Um, HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!! I’m ready for you Gigi! I’m thinking that if Gigi and I got married we would still look like either two men or two women. We would look like a gay couple depending on her butch level and my femme level.

Shit, for $65 million I would fuck a lesbian. I would have to channel my inner Anna Nicole Smith and think of Prada loafers the whole time, but at least at the end of the day I would have my money. Yes, I’m a cheap whore, but who isn’t these days? The economy is tough and rough, just like my last fuck, and I’m ready to be her husband.

But, I can’t help feel bad for Gigi that her father is basically selling her to any man that comes by her fishy vag. Her Chinese pussy has taken sushi to the next level if you get what I mean…

Anyways, gays, how much money would you fuck a woman for? It’s like being a gay-for-pay porn star except opposite.

Coining a new porn category: straight-for-pay. Email me for inquiries.


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