Orlando Cruz Is Gay. Duh.

Nothing screams “I love cock in my mouth!” than a name like Orlando Cruz. Like, seriously, that’s a gay ass name. So, how come no one ever knew this boxing queen was a raging homo? Maybe it was all the macho stigma that comes with being a boxer that no one ever suspects someone being strong and “manly” as being gay. But, I knew. I remember seeing him at The Caesar’s Palace one night where I watched a fight of his. He ended up asking me up to his hotel room after a serious eye-fucking session and he later fisted me while still having his boxing glove on. Let’s just say, I KO’d in about two minutes.

The one amazing thing that I absolutely love about Orlando Cruz is that he finally came out of the closet as a “proud gay man”. He is the first gay boxer to ever be open about his sexuality and continues to rock a serious set of biceps. History has been made in the boxing industry thanks to Orlando.

“I have and will always be proud to be Puerto Rican. I have and will always be proud to be a gay man.” Orlando Cruz has been professionally boxing since December 2000 and his next match is October 19 – which is also going to be my first time watching a boxing match naked with a tub of vaseline and tissues right by my side.

Orlando is scheduled to talk about his life and coming out of the closet on Telemundo, of course, before his match on the 19th.

Thank you, Orlando, for taking a gay step forward in the right direction in a society that still undermines the values and rights of gay people. Honestly, you are such a great role model to anyone who is afraid to be themselves.

Also, see you tonight and bring your boxing gloves when you come over.


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