Lana Del Rey’s “Paradise Edition” Tastes Like Pepsi-Cola

Even though today isn’t Christmas, it sure as fuck feels like it. My favorite bitch of all time, Lana Del Rey, rereleased her album “Born To Die” with more tracks! The album, Born To Die: The Paradise Edition, is now out in stores today and on digital copy. So be sure to rev up your new iPhone 5 with her album because it sure as hell does NOT disappoint.

Lana has been my inspiration for being an anorexic white girl who thinks she’s a model in Milan. Her look is divine and captures me every time. Her beauty captivates my attention like a set of abs on an Asian man. Her debut album, Born To Die, is such a breath of fresh air especially in this day and age of autotune and synth sounds blaring at your local club or bathhouse. But, Lana brings class and the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s era back with a vengeance.

The Paradise Edition has probably brought me to climax more than any other man thus far and there’s a logical reason for it – it’s just plain ol’ fucking amazing. The rereleased album features 9 new songs which to me is just like a whole new damn album. And this homo ain’t complaining. The tracks to the album are:

1. Ride
2. American
3. Cola
4. Body Electric
5. Blue Velvet
6. Gods & Monsters
7. Yayo
8. Bel Air
9. Burning Desire

My favorite tracks from this album, you ask? Ride (because I LOVE to ride things), Cola (because she starts out saying, “My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola. My cock tastes like Coca-Cola. Guess someone will have to see which one tastes better in a blind-test), Blue Velvet (because it’s a cover and because I love velvet – so chic this season), and Yayo (I love cocaine).

Buy her new album, Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. Or illegally download it or whatever.


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2 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey’s “Paradise Edition” Tastes Like Pepsi-Cola

  1. demetra says:

    How are you getting the last 5 songs?? On iTunes it only has the first 9 tracks

    • The Gayly Dose says:

      Yes you are so right, bitch! When I initially made this post, those were the songs that were supposed to be released according to her youtube page where all those songs were sampled.

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