Going ‘Skin Deep’ With David Summers

All of my friends know that I have a thing for black men. Well, I guess I just have a thing for just men. But, whatever…

During the time I spent in my panic room in my NYC penthouse while the whole Hurricane Sandy shit was going on, I stumbled upon a new show: Skin Deep The Series. It’s been described as a Queer As Folk meets Noah’s Arc meets Crash. That, to me, says “FANTASTIC!”. Seriously, the preview to the ground-breaking show has my mouth dropped, my dick hard, and my mind racing with all the serious drama and hot guys on the show. Check out the preview below, fags.

The show’s story circulates around three gay black men and three gay white men all who have their own story line. Although the show has not been picked up by any channels or in production yet, it is most definitely innovative, smart, and super sexy plus being one of the most highly-anticipated gay series. With over 32,000 views on YouTube, the show has already garnered an outstanding following. Luckily, for all you homos, I got to speak with the Skin Deep The Series director himself, David Summers, who told me personally everything we, as the audience, need to know about the show.

The Gayly Dose: Why the name Skin Deep? What is the significance behind the title?
David Summers: We were struggling with the right name for months, then one day I saw it written down somewhere and it just popped out at me.  The show is more about race, culture and sexuality than it is about anything else. And since elements of the show will be about how we feel about people based on skin tone or culture, I thought Skin Deep was appropriate. However, I think the show will be taking us to what is skin deep and beyond. The gay community is the only minority group that has every other minority group within it. My hopes are that people will begin to identify everyone as part of an “us” and begin to include everyone.  Because if we truly united, then nothing could stop us.

TGD: What was the inspiration behind created this series?
DS: There are lots of steps that lead to it, but let me start with the fact that I am in an inter racial relationship for 13-years here in Atlanta. And for some reason people think it’s suppose to be the most difficult thing, But actually it is the easiest thing ever,  Race has little to no conflict in our relationship.  As far as the city  is concerned, if we want to go out for the night as an example, we have to decide if we want to go to a white club or a black club. So socially, for the most part, the gay community remains separated. In addition, other things that added to the inspiration over the years as an example, there would be black guys who would come up to me and say, “you’re with a black guy so I can ask you, how do I meet a white guy”. And white guys would ask me, “how do I meet a black guy, or how do  I get some black dick?” There isn’t an actual wall that divides us, but you can feel an energy in this city which makes it feel that way.

TGD: There are 6 characters: Rod, Whit, Paul, Lawrence, Tyrone, and Greggory. I know that Rod is the boxer, Tyrone is the boy whose mom gave him a condom in a bible, but what about the rest? Who are the other guys in related to the teaser video?
DS: The teaser only shows 3 characters, If we showed all 6 of the main characters the teaser would be too long.. The other 3 main characters are Paul, middle aged white male, is a private investigator and is hired mostly by straight women who want to have their husbands followed. Greg is a middle aged Black male works for AID Atlanta, is a grant writer for the organization, published author, and works with disadvantaged youth in the black community.  And Lawrence is a late twenties black male, comes from a wealthy family who suddenly finds he is fending for himself financially for the first time in his life. Each character has supporting characters within their story.  Best thing to do is go to the website to view all the other characters at www.skindeeptheseries.com  There is also a relationship involved that I can’t talk about because it may ruin the twist to the story line.

TGD: What made you decide to make the characters remain anonymous to one another in that they lead separate lives where none of them are intertwined or related at all?
DS: Because I wanted to break the formula of most other shows and do something different. Every show you can think of has a group of friends who all call each other all the time, or have lunch, or have sex, or they are one family, or groups of families, and all their lives are connected.  I wanted to have six different universes occurring all at the same time, and sometimes around the same subject matter.  So we can see how someone from different races or cultures may experience similar situations.  It may bring a different understanding of those who we usually find the most different from us.

TGD: How do the series Queer As Folk and Noah’s Arc and the movie, Crash, have any influence in the series?
DS: What I meant is that it’s combining all these worlds together and put it in a series. For Queer As Folk and Noah’s Arc, this is only a reference regarding race. An all black cast in Noah’s Arc, an all white cast in Queer As Folk, and Crash is the race and culture aspect of the show.

TGD: I saw in the teaser that one of the guys had “Lucky Boy” tattooed on his forearm. What does this mean?
DS: It was just coincidental. It was a pre existing tattoo on his forearm but we used it because it truly was representation to us that he really felt like the lucky boy.

TGD: Which of these character do you relate to the most?
DS: I’m glad you asked that question. In some form of fashion I relate to all of them. I am a 55-year-old white guy, but because of my extensive experience working in the African American community, I did find it easy  to write for Tyrone. Also with Chuck, my husband, and his family, I was aware of some things that most white guys would not be. Lawrence has some of the same youth experiences as I did, dealing with his sexuality, but I never experienced his wealth. I feel Greg because of his work with the youth. I had a theater company for 17 years that worked with kids predominately in the African American community. Paul, being a private investigator, one of his jobs is to observe people and I need to observe people to get my story. Whit was me 20 years ago when I first felt a strong attraction to darker-featured men. Rod I would say is the least similar to me, I am not a fighter at all rather a communicator.

TGD: There is a lot of issues about race and culture in this series. Why did you choose to tackle that? Do you believe that there is an issue of race in the gay subculture?
DS: Absolutely there is an issue of race in the gay community, and especially in Atlanta. I do feel that much of the issue is also around culture and many times people don’t know how to separate the two. When you see a white person, you automatically attach to them a perception of what white culture is to you. The same for any other race. It is something we are all attached to through the eyes of those who observe us. So, if a certain culture has a negative connotation to it from someones else’s perspective, we are already judged because of that culture the minute we walk in the door. And why in a minority group such as the gay community, we hold such prejudices against each other when we should actually be learning from our own suppression and moving in the opposite direction? I could go on and on about this, but I will leave it for the show.

TGD: Will there be more racial issues concerning other races such as Hispanics, Middle-eastern, or Asian?
DS: Yes, but I can’t say exactly when. But, at some point in the first season I expect to be introducing other characters from other ethnic groups. I will remain true to the demographics here in the city as well. From what I experience, the majority of the gay population comes from the Black and White community.

TGD: When will there be more episodes?
DS: I am in negotioations with a company in Hollywood right now who will be raising money to help get this production package as good and tight as it can be and in the hands of the right people. So, once its on TV and picked up by a network, that is when you will see more episodes.  If you want to help, please go to the website www.skindeeptheseries.com and leave a comment in the comment section. The more posts I get, the better it looks to the network. Also, if you’re interested in being an investor, this is the time to do it. For more information people can contact me at archproductions1@aol.com

For more information about the series, visit www.skindeeptheseries.com and be sure to donate, bitches!


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