What I’m OBSESSED With: Le1f

I’ve been a fan of rap music since I came out of my mother’s vagina shaking my ass like Lil Kim. Nothing gets me more fired up to steal shit from Urban Outfitters like a gay ratchet bitch than rap music. Being huge fans of Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, and Iggy Azalea, I’ve always aspired to be them. The one thing that I admire most about these rap bitches are that they are huge gay icons. Not only do they make great drag queens, but they show support to younger female rappers (Not really, they get threatened) and gay rappers (Cause they have no female friends). That’s when I stumbled upon this trap-music-making cunt named Le1f, pronounced “Leaf”.

His bitch ass just had to add “1” to his name cause that’s straight kunty. His song, “Wut”, has garnered huge internet buzz and thus created him a viral sensation. Not only does this fag know how to rap like a boss, his lyrics and beats are sick as fuck. And his look is fierce. My favorite part about his “Wut” music video is when he’s riding that white boy Pikachu. It sent a tingling sensation back to when I was a kid and fantasized about if Ash Catchem and Brock secretly hooked up while Misty was sleeping when they were on their way to Saffron City. Sorry, that was hugely nerdy of me. Hopefully, I turned on a hot nerd reading this. If I did, call me. Anyways, the video is fierce and has so much fierceness coming out of its ass. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but Le1f kind of reminds me of Juwanna Mann, if Juwanna Mann and Rye Rye had a kid and it was raised by Busta Rhymes. Listen to all of Le1f’s music here!

Anyways, this cunt is my new obsession. Love or hate him, I think this bitch is going to go far as in far up my asshole cause he’s turning me on for some reason.


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