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Got a question about love, sex, dating, or anything else you don’t know about? ASK ME BITCH! That’s what I’m here for. Just send an email to and visit the blog daily to see if I answered your question. Obviously, you’ll be kept anonymous , but if you’d like, I always accept dick pictures. Smooches and ask away!

One thought on “Ask Me

  1. Su says:

    OH HI
    remember me?
    ur dearest english as your second language? lol

    just finished my third semester ^^
    oh, and that guy? after one week of that date, he got himself a bf (which is obviously not me)
    sad case

    I feel lonely
    because I’m still single
    asked for numbers from some hot guys I like…
    turned out they are straight…ALL OF THEM!!!!
    I just want somebody to love me
    every single time, I feel sad when those guys said ‘NO’ to my lovely request
    this made me realized that, u know, no matter how much I fall for this guy, no matter how cute I am, I don’t have the vagina they want T.T

    now I regret not accepting the offer from a kind-of-muscular-and-cute guy to buy me a drink while dancing like crazy inside a club
    ok…I think I was drunk.

    I’m ald 21…single…and a virgin
    nobody knows the emptiness of my hole~~~

    I want a bf to fuck me
    but, only after one year of official dating (this is my rule…lol)

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